A Collaborative Marketing Platform

SHASTHA SPHERE is a collaborative marketing platform where we align marketing professional with their talents, efficiency, interests, resources, and marketing muscle with other like-minded people to accomplish much more than you might be able to do on your own. SPHERE engages the people from various trades into a corporate platform; evolve together for the specific objectives with a passion and commitment that empowers the growth for the Individuals & for the endeavor.We provide high effective e business solution that are paired with comercial activities.we have solution of various business models like
1)Business to customer(B2C)
2)Business to Business(B2B)
3)customer to Business(c2B)

SPHERE At-a-glance

SHASTHA believes that when people come together with a common audience, or goal, or a common mission or interest, they can band together in any number of ways to create an influence and a presence that is greater than the sum of its parts.

SHASTHA SPHERE is a collaborative marketing platform for the people, who want to make an influence and a presence in Information Technology –Sales and Marketing area. Collaborative Marketing, in a nutshell, is the process of sharing resources to increase leads, brand, and influence. SPHERE facilitates marketing executives to align their talent, efficiency, interests, resources, and marketing muscle with other like-minded people to accomplish much more than you might be able to do on your own.

SPHERE Culture: Bring together the culture of Shared marketing, Shared expertizing and Shared success through its virtual and collaborative operations.

SPHERE Vision: Attract, Assist and Affiliate
SPHERE focus on attracting more customers and assisting them on aligning technology & solutions to their endeavors and affiliate them for the future.

SPHERE Mission: Engage, Evolve and Empower
SPHERE engages the people from various trades into a corporate platform; evolve together for the specific objectives with a passion and commitment that empowers the growth for the Individuals& for the endeavor.

SPHERE Value:Individuality & Trust: The Company deeply respects the knowledge, skill, ideas, and capabilities that each and every one brings to the team. Individuals own their job, So they can hone their expertise, take their contributions to next levels, and better support the team and organization, while also realizing the value of team work.
True collaboration can only exist in an environment of Trust. The sphere environment is open, honest, cooperative and professional –oriented.

Passion & Integrity: Passion produces the vitality and boostsperformance. Underpins everything we do and uphold the highest standards of integrity in all the actions for doing the right things.

Accountability &Measurement: All are dedicated to their work and take full responsibility for their duties .They make well –thought-out decisions that lead to right changes for the right reasons, and always act in the best interest of all players involved. Everyone track, measure and share their achievement, evaluate results
and determine what is working and what is not .Think critically to continually improve the strategies by using data and analysis, sharing findings and openly communicating the results.

SPHERE Hierarchy


Team: One SPHERE team will have one Manager, one Lead and up to ten Marketing Executives associated with.

Program Manager: Program Manager (PM) will be assigned by SHASTHA and he will be Single Point of Contact for each team.PM will be addressing all the queries, planning activities for the team, communicating the organizational updates and monitoring & evaluating performance, managing projects with Lead & Executives.

Team Lead: There will be one lead for the team of tenmembers’ .He will be coordinating the activities and plans with the team.SHASTHA will be passing all the updates and communication to the Team Lead on behalf of the team. Team Lead also acts as or having responsibilities of Marketing executive in terms of sales and marketing efforts.

Marketing Executive: There can be up to eleven including team lead marketing executives in one team. Each team member will be working independently and reporting directly to SHASTHA program manager.


SHASTHA SPHERE facilitates the sales and marketing activities for SHASTHA’s IT Products ,Solutions and Services .Each unit of work or unit of contribution under SPHERE is called as a‘Project’ .Either it can be sales and marketing of service or it can be sales and marketing of solution or bringing new IT requirements everything will be termed as a ‘Project’.

    • Project Generation – Marketing Executive

o Join SPHERE Team
o Start your work – Find the opportunities
o Find the best leads, follow-up
o Project Proposals & Request for Information from SHASTHA
o Customer Presentations, Brochures&Demos



    • ProjectInitiation – Marketing Executive and SHASTHA Program Manager

o Customer Confirmation on the Project
o Project Creation and SHASTHA Program Manager Approval
o Project Estimate –Cost and Schedule finalization and Approval from Client
o Project Categorization and Tagging
o Advance Payment Intimation and Confirmation with Finance
o Individual Incentive Distribution to SPHERE
o Assigning to Project Life Cycle



    • Project Execution – SHASTHA Execution and Delivery Team

o Prepare the Capacity & Resource Allocation for Project
o Project Phases – Inception,Elaboration,Construction,Transition
o Project Customer Acceptance review and Post –Production activities



    • Project Conclusion- Review and Final Settlement

o Final Settlement Intimation to Customer
o Team Incentive Distribution to SPHERE
o Project Evaluation and Assessment Report to SHASTHA

SPHERE –Join the Team

SHASTHA provides two options for joining to the SPHERE Group;
1. Join as a Team
2. Join as a Member

Eligibility: SHASTHA considers primary eligibility to join SPHERE is just “YOUR INTEREST” to do sales and marketing activities related to IT Services, Products and Solutions. We consider graduates /students/executives/working professional that have oral and written communication in English, with a passion towards sales and marketing.

Join as a Team: SHASTHA provides “Join as a Team” option to SPHERE, when you have team of three to eleven people. The lead can be one among from these, you can affiliate your team to SPHERE with minimum three and SPHERE gives nine months’ time to expand your team to eleven people.

Join as a Member: SHASTHA provides “Join as a Member” option to SPHERE, when you have SPHERE Invitation Number or you can join directly here and SPHERE will assign you into a team based on the availability.

Features and Benefits

Features :

1. An Internship for first Six Month as IT -Marketing Executive
2. Post to Six months internship, every-one will be eligible for on contract Part-time work experience as SHASTHA – IT Marketing Executive
3. Career to become regular employee and to become part of SHASTHA Sales and Marketing Team. This is completely based on your performance review and the company’s solely decision to make an appointment.


SHASTHA SPHERE offers you both monitory and non-monitory benefits based on your contribution to the company through SPHERE. All your contribution will be highly treated with intangible benefits from SHASTHA.Our focus would be motivating SPHERE members as much as we can, support them in all the way to make shared growth and achievements.

Individual Commission

Team Commission

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