Delivery Model – Project Services

Entire projects delivered to your specifications.

At times, you may prefer to outsource the success of an entire project from beginning to end. With this model, we assemble a project team with the specific skills and experience needed to deliver a defined solution. For an IT project, a typical team would include consultants skilled in project management, business analysis, architecture/design, data, development, SQA, and delivery. Additional expertise may be needed in your industry, business, technology, and methodologies. Our custom-built team works with and reports to you throughout the project, and delivers defined results to an agreed-upon schedule and budget.

When a Project Services delivery model makes sense.

Your level of confidence in your consulting firm is the first consideration when deciding whether to entrust them with the success of your project. With that confidence in place, the following situations can also point to this delivery model:

  • Full software development lifecycle services are needed
  • The project can be distinctly scoped
  • Your teams are fully engaged on other projects
  • The project requires skills you don’t have in-house

We will assume full responsibility for your IT project.

With our Project Services model, we assume full responsibility for your IT project – from the definition of your business goals through the accomplishment of those goals. We work closely with you and your team throughout the process, managing to an approved project plan and staying in continual contact with you to report progress, manage scope, and deliver results.

Delivering results for more than 5 years.

Our extensive portfolio of successful projects includes many clients who have trusted us with their business for more than a decade – and some for 5 years or more.

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