Delivery Model – Managed Teams

Specialized talent with “elastic” availability.

With this delivery model, we activate and manage one or a team of consultants to help you deliver projects that require specialized skills, complex resource capacity management, or both. We assume responsibility for the performance of our team. You retain ownership of your deliverables. Members of our team remain available to deploy and re-deploy quickly throughout your project life cycle, with minimal ramp-up.

  • Teams are assembled and activated to your specifications
  • Team members work full- or part-time, regardless of project length or resource level needs
  • The team can work on one or more or your projects, at your discretion
  • Team members can rotate between your location and ours, to meet space and staffing policy needs

Our on-site team lead provides technical services and resource leadership on an administrative level while you manage the work of the project team. We invest in onboarding and orienting each new team member to your unique environment. Our PMO provides general oversight and monitors our team’s performance to pre-defined metrics. We keep a team collaboration site and performance dashboard available to you 24/7. And we present formal monthly and quarterly reports on the metrics you ask us to track.

When a Managed Team is right for your project.

A Managed Team is not always the answer. However, when it’s right for a project, the results can be dramatic. The following situations point to this model:

  • Speed-to-productivity is required
  • Project continuity is a factor
  • Resource level needs will fluctuate
  • An on-demand team of “elastic” resources is needed
  • Specialized talent is required
  • Your management workload is high
  • Knowledge retention is of value
  • Your business processes are informal
  • You need to own the project deliverables

Resource leadership that frees you to focus on results.

We are invested with you in the success of your project. You achieve value through accelerated time-to-productivity, flexible and effective resource allocation, higher retention rates, consistency of skills and process, more efficient knowledge transfer, and the ability to focus on results rather than staff management. We achieve value through team expansion and development, and by growing a mature and trusted partnership with you.

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