IT Enabled Strategic Consulting

Business Value Realization

SHASTHA helps you to translate vision to reality. We bring unique combination of skills to conceptualize and execute the needs of your business, be it helps with technology, with strategy, with over all business performance.
Our consulting offerings are based on analytical approach to understand the business needs & problems, resulting in practical recommendation and actionable results.

SHASTHA aligns Information Technology with business that changed traditional consulting model of serial engagements – business strategy consultants followed by IT strategy consultants followed by implementation strategy consultants, with never the same people. We provide vertical industry and process expertise with extensive experience in technologies that help drive innovation. Instead of simply handing off projects to our business applications, systems integration, and IT implementation counterparts, we are joined with them at an organizational level to seamlessly deliver end-to-end services. Out business value realization is a method for maximizing the value return from major IT-enabled investments. Business Value realization spans initial value discovery and buy-in, to establishing accountability –guiding solution designers, and providing client program managers with benefits tracking reporting and capabilities.

Information Technology Consulting

Information Technology is applied to business by means of the systems that automate transactions, provide management information and serve customers.
Technology is one of the most important aspects of every business success .It is critical to build and maintain an infrastructure to coincide with your company’s long term goals and objectives. We will architect, implement and manage highly available, scalable, flexible, functional and secure technology environment to meet business needs. We provide small, medium size businesses with advice, direction and technical implementation through advance technology.

We provide professional advice for all your technology requirements including, but not limited to:

  • Technology Planning
  • IT Solution for Business
  • IT Strategy Development & Alignment
  • Software Evaluation and Implementation
  • IT Risk Mitigation
  • Enable IT resources

Cloud Consulting – Migrate & Deploy, Integrate & Optimize, Manage & Maintain

Cloud computing has become a competitive necessity to save cost ,improve business agility and provide scalability to the business .We help organizations adopting cloud solutions like software ,platform and infrastructure as service .
Our Cloud experts assess, plan and deliver cutting-edge cloud solutions that align with goals of your organization .Our Cloud Consulting deals with Cloud Strategy Advisory, Cloud Application Development & Cloud Transition areas.
We work with you through every step of the migration process; > DISCOVERY > >ASSESSMENT >>> SERVICE DESIGN >>>> MIGRATION

Discovery: This powerful first step involves high-level interviews and one-to-one meetings with IT and business teams within your organization to gain a deep understanding of all layers of your existing IT environment and your business objectives.
At the end of the Discovery process, our virtualization specialists will have a clear idea
of your compatibility for virtualization and suitability for the cloud.

Assessment:If feasible to transition to a virtual or cloud environment, this step is designed to determine the true scope of what can and can’t, or shouldn’t be virtualized based on both the prerequisites for virtualization and the predicted cost benefits. Our consultants will conduct a thorough assessment of your current state infrastructure and applications and present customized report.

Service design: Our consultants will design a bespoke solution that maps your unique business, technical and resource requirements to a virtualized hosting infrastructure that is right for you.
The design will encompass all the aspects necessary to ensure a resilient virtual
environment including infrastructure, network, security, backup and recovery.
Our consultants will present their initial findings to you for validation and discuss
next steps. This involves comparing conversion and migration options, discussing
the advantages and disadvantages of each, their recommendations and the benefits
you can expect to realize.

Migration: Whether your plan involves migration to physical to virtual (P2V)
or virtual to virtual (V2V) or, a hot or cold migration, our expert consultants will
draw up a thorough bespoke strategy migration plan in which they meticulously
cover every detail, leaving nothing to chance. Our consultants will exhaustively test and validate your virtual or cloud infrastructure before working with you to execute against the migration

Social Media Consulting – Strategy, Coaching, Management

Social Media is the biggest disruption of current times, impacting all organizational touch points. Social media has changed the way various functions in organization operate from product development, marketing, Customer and Employee Engagement to Human resources and recruitment.

Strategy: SHASTHA works hand in hand with your employees to understand your company, industry, products, competitors, current social media presence, as well as corporate strategy as a core component of its social media strategy consulting program. Based on this input, and in a consultative manner, SHASTHA creates a unique social media strategy that applies specifically to your company and current situation that then provides the blueprint for your company to implement social media internally.

Coaching: The functionality of social media websites and the way we use them obviously changes over time. After SHASTHA creates a social media strategy for your business, it is important to maintain the strategy as well as fine-tune what is and isn’t working. Let SHASTHA help you stay on the cutting-edge of social media through periodic coaching. The coaching program is charged by the hour, and thus is suitable for smaller business that might not have the budget to afford a complete social media strategy consulting package yet still would like to get help from experts.
Proper execution of any strategy or coaching relies on how well trained your employees are in using social media. SHASTHA helps in the training of your employees on how to best utilize the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube, and Blogging to reach your business objectives.

Management: Social media management takes time which is a valuable commodity .At SHASTHA we not only develop and implement social strategies; we can also help spearhead your social campaigns as much or as little as you need.

Social Media Management – Progressive Utilization: Jumping full force into social media can be quite overwhelming especially for businesses working on a budget. We can help by stepping you through the process incrementally. This will allow you to stay within a budget and still move forward. Want a social presence on just one network? Then this may be the plan for you.

Social Media Management – Full Utilization :A social media campaign that incorporates video and mobile marketing, search engine optimization, social networking and more will be even more effective than those campaigns that only rely on a few of these. Let us show you how leveraging the power of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more can work to the benefit of your business.

Social Media Management – Complete Social Domination: Doing business takes time. Spending your time handling social media can eat into the time that is best spent doing business. That’s where we excel. We offer full social management solutions freeing you up for other endeavors.

Business Consulting

We provide the consultation for setting-up your business.Our business process consulting services enable you to:

  • Reduce the time, money and resources spent by formulating a comprehensive strategy and plan
  • Gain access to proven business management consulting tools and the latest innovations in business development consulting
  • Optimize current and future technology investments to improve business performance

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    • Business Process Improvements – We ensure process flows are up to date and can scale to match the growth of your business and gain control of strategic functions.
    • Enterprise Application Selection– After analyzing your infrastructure and business requirements, we make solution recommendations and create an implementation road map to fit your business agenda. We also manage the implementation of your solution, integrate your end-to-end business applications and audit the status and efficacy of your existing enterprise systems.
    • Outsourcing Recommendations – From total cost of outsourcing to vendor selection to risk assessment, we have expertise in evaluating outsourcing opportunities, as well as the expected returns and pitfalls of the outsourcing process.
    • Establishment of Offshore Strategy – We help you design your offshore strategy taking into account cultural compatibility, infrastructure, skills and expertise, maturity of the delivery model, overall outsourcing costs and data/IP protection.

Business Solution- providing early installation and planning services as well as implementation of products and services that meet specific business needs.

    Business Process Management: Make your organization more agile, improve customer satisfaction and achieve operational savings – all at the same time
    We help you to automate business processes and increase productivity using proven workflow management tools and integration software packages.
    Our consulting deals with:
  • BPM Awareness Workshop
  • Business Activity Monitoring Assessment
  • BPM Fitment Analysis
  • BPM Business Case and Evaluation
  • BPM/BRM Engagement Roadmap
  • Business Process Analysis/Harmonization/Prioritization
  • Business Rules Harvesting /Extraction and Consolidation
  • BPM/BRM Center of Excellence

Methodology Consulting

We facilitate organizational towards operational excellence through process improvements that are either bench marked against established models(ISO/CMMI/ITIL) or focused process improvements through specialized solution for incremental and breakthrough improvements through defined approaches like Lean,Kaizen,Six-Sigma & 8D Problem Solving Process (Eight Disciplines).

We are specialized in Process and Metric Definition, ITIL Advisory and Consulting, Process Trainings, Quality Assurance and Process Optimization.

We provide assessments, training solutions, coaching and implementation support to organizations that are committed to achieve superior performance through Operational Excellence – Strategy Deployment & Hoshin Planning, Performance Management & Balanced Scorecards, Process Excellence & Lean Six Sigma, and High Performance Work Teams.

Operations excellence leverages a combination of three points – cost reduction, productivity improvement and pricing practices – to deliver sustainable performance change to your organization. Utilizing a set of best-practice tools and proven methodologies and techniques, we can help you with:

  • Enterprise lean and six sigma
  • Enterprise cost reduction
  • Outsourcing advisory services

We believe that the following keys that integrates individual methods into a closely interrelated system for revolutionizing every aspect of an organization.

  • Cleaning & Organizing to Make Work Easy
  • Rationalizing the System / Goal Alignment
  • Small Group Activities
  • Reducing Work-in-Process
  • Quick Changeover Technology
  • Kaizen of Operations
  • Zero Monitor Manufacturing / Production
  • Coupled Manufacturing / Production
  • Maintaining Machines & Equipment
  • Workplace Discipline
  • Quality Assurance
  • Developing your Suppliers
  • Eliminating Waste
  • Empowering Employees to Make Improvements
  • Skill Versatility and Cross Training
  • Production Scheduling
  • Efficiency Control
  • Using Information Systems
  • Conserving Energy and Materials
  • Leading Technology / Site Technology Delivering value through business operations

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