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Enhance business through data and analytics
SHASTHA provides the solutions for Analytics and Information Management that enables to connect to people, ideas and technologies through which you need to unleash the power of your information.Our Information management services help you to simplify sharing, accuracy and improving consistency when managing your business data.Our business analytics service that empowers organizations with actionable insights across aspects concerning customers, products and services.Our solutions bring together the combined expertise of process, analytics and data to orchestrate business insights to do business better.Our solution are tailored for each customer to meet their specific business needs.
Architecture and Solutions framework

We enable enterprises to speed up the building of analytics solutions by building a robust data architecture. This ensures that data is handled appropriately in terms of storage, integration and processing.

Data Lifecycle management

We provide data life-cycle management services to help firms manage the exploration, extraction, storage, process and archiving of their data sets. We help set-up the necessary protocols and compliance measures to combat the challenges of data explosion in the digital age.

Data Visualization and Insights

We help enterprises explore and analyse large and complex data sets in order to gain business insights through interactive and visually appealing representations. We create dashboards and tools that are interactive, insightful and cater to the needs of a variety of business stakeholders to aid digital, data-driven enterprises.

Predictive and Presumptive solutions

We use  the extensive data science capabilities and provides advanced analytics based services that enable firms to predict future outcomes and also take the necessary steps to adequately respond to them. We help you prepare for future possibilities by leveraging the predictive and prescriptive power of the very large data sets while providing the capabilities to influence these outcomes.

Capabilities & Competencies
  • Core Group of Business Analyst and  Hadoop consultants
  • Core group of senior Predictive Analytics/Data Mining experts
  • PoC and demo-driven approach
  • Building open source service offering on predictive analytics using R language
  • Technology Stack : Apache Hadoop ecosystem, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Cassandra, Talend Big Data Platform, IBM Big Insights, etc.
  • NoSQL Platform – Apache HBase, Cassandra, Mongo DB, neo4j
  • Data Visualization – Tableau, Qlik, Spotfire, MicroStrategy
  • Analytics: R, Python, , Splunk, H2O, IBM Watson


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